I am a licensed Interior Designer, home builder, and overall creator – but most of all I love to be in the kitchen, cooking clean, simple, and artful food.  I started GloryKitchen while living in North Carolina because I wanted these flavorful, crunchy toppings on everything.  Now I’ve moved back to my native Texas and we are sending nut & spice mixes all over the U.S. – let us spice up your own cooking too!

Our nut & spice blends began with my first dukkah recipe experiment.  Dukkah is a Middle Eastern chopped nut, seed, & spice combination sold on the streets of Egypt, often used for bread and olive oil dipping.  And wow, does it add delicious crunch and flavor to foods.

But I thought – why stop with Middle Eastern flavor?  Thus followed our Asian, Italian, Mexican, French, and Indian nut & spice mixes.  Shop our online store for each flavor profile to elevate your own favorite foods. And if you’re a foodie like us, our store also has lots of whimsical, artful gift items for food lovers.

In addition to being food centric, for over 25 years I have been a commercial and residential Interior Designer – with a special knack for chef-styled kitchens.  Browse my Interior Design page to find out how I can also help you design the kitchen and home of your dreams.  

Just like our Glory Kitchen tagline states – I’m always inspired by the “clean, simple, and artful” things in life. 🙂

Margie Bruner
Glory Kitchen


Bruce Moffett

Bruce Moffett | Charlotte, NC

James Beard Award-winning Chef & Restaurateur, Charlotte Magazine's Restaurateur of the Year. President of Moffett Restaurant Group.

“Glory Kitchen blends are a perfect addition to your spice collection.  The blend of spices and nuts contribute the perfect balance of flavor that will make your dish one step above authentic.”

Naomi Gingerich-thecooksinthekitchen

Naomi Gingrich | Winston Salem, NC

Owner of Lavender & Honey Kitchen, a mother and daughter baking company specializing in nostalgic cakes and pies.

“If you haven’t tried Glory Kitchen’s spice blends, you are missing out on a world of taste that comes in beautifully packaged assortments hand-chosen and prepared by Margie Bruner.  With nuts and spices reminiscent of flavors from around the world, Glory Kitchen makes it easy to add a touch of the exotic to humble fare such as meat, vegetables, eggs, or just about anything you decide to cook.  As a cook, quality ingredients are important to me, and you’ll find that in every product by Glory Kitchen.”

Ann and George Hartley

Ann & George Hartley | Seagrove, FL

Owners of Surfing Deer Restaurant and Seagrove Village Market Cafe in Seagrove, FL.

“Glory Kitchen is just like Margie… full of life, deliciousness and love.”


Meredith Cook | Minturn, CO

Outdoor Enthusiast

“I use the Cairo or San Miguel blends on my avocado toast or eggs almost every morning, and my go-to weeknight stir fry would not be the same without a healthy dash of Penang. As a vegetarian, I love how the spices elevate plain roasted vegetables—I’ll just add whichever flavor profile I’m feeling. A kitchen is incomplete without these spice mixes!”

Andrew Arcovio

Andrew Arcovio | Charlotte, NC

Slow Food and Wine Advocate

“The herb blends created by Glory Kitchen represent the true essence of each country. The quality ingredients are perfectly balanced, aromatic and flavorful.  They are some of the best I have tasted, BRAVO!” 

Melissa Wright, Wright Family Table

Melissa Wright | Salt Lake City, UT

Wife, Mother & Food Blogger at Wright Family Table

From the blend of ingredients down to the packaging, it is clear that Glory Kitchen values quality and attention to detail.  What has really made me a fan is how different their products are from anything else available.  They are unique, versatile, and add depth to any dish.  I have found myself sprinkling these over proteins, soups, and vegetables of all kinds.

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