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Inspired by the flavors of Penang, Asia, this crunchy blend fuses an array of Asian ingredients.  Peanuts are hand chopped and tossed with black & white sesame seeds, nori seaweed flakes, red pepper, and the tangy taste of ginger. 

Penang nut & spice blend can be added to so much more than your go-to Asian meals like sushi and stir fry. Elevate your fish, chicken, vegetables, rice, quinoa, noodles – the list is endless.  Use straight from the jar or apply it at the end of roasting to enhance the peanut & seed flavors.

INGREDIENTS: peanuts, black and white sesame seeds, red pepper, nori seaweed, sea salt and ginger.

  • Net weight 4.13 ounces (117 grams)
  • Store in a cool dry place
  • Contains NUTS
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan
  • Chemical & Preservative free
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Add a spicy crunch to your sushi rolls, sashimi or tempura.  Adds a nice flavor and makes for a lovely presentation.


Soft, creamy deviled eggs benefit from a crunchy & flavorful topping.  The Glory Kitchen blends add a lovely visual finish as well as flavor & texture.

The Glory Kitchen nut & spice mixes add a terrific flavor to delicate fish.  Salmon, sea bass, shrimp or tempura fried calamari all pair well with a sprinkle of crunch & nuttiness.  The Alaskan cod shown here was baked with a touch of sesame oil, a sprinkle of Penang and finished with a squeeze of fresh lime.

Whether you’re dressing a salad or a marinading a tender piece of fish, Penang nut & spice mix adds great flavor and texture to a basic dressing.

Add some flavor and zing to your rice or grain by finishing it with Penang nut & spice mix. It not only adds flavor but crunchiness as well and the visual appeal is lovely.

Salads made with raw vegetables, cabbage, fennel, or lettuce – all types of greens are elevated with a finishing touch of Penang nut & spice mix.  The crunchy peanuts & sesame seeds add texture and spicy notes to salads.

Soba, Udon, Lo Mein or Ramen all make for great noodle bowls.  Top your noodle creation with Penang nut & spice mix for the perfect pop of Asian flavor.

Whether it is tuna salad topped on delicate greens or tuna tucked between bread, add a generous sprinkle of Penang nut & spice mix for a new level of flavor and a crunchy balance to the tender tuna.

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