San Miguel
nut & spice mix


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Inspired by the colorful flavors of Mexico, this savory blend of seeds & spices brings together both sweet and smoky chile peppers, aromatic spices and crunchy pepitas.

Pumpkin seeds are hand chopped and combined with dried ancho chiles and a smoky chipotle pepper then laced with a touch of onion sweetness for a flavorful bite.  San Miguel nut & spice mix adds texture and pizazz to many of your favorite foods.  It is an easy go-to choice for adding flavor to everyday basics like eggs, avocado toast, tacos and popcorn.

San Miguel blend can be used straight from the jar or applied during the final stages of the roasting process which enhances the robust southwestern flavors.

Ingredients: pepitas (pumpkin seeds), ancho chile, cumin seed, onion, sea salt, chipotle pepper, mexican oregano, cilantro.

. Net weight 3.49 ounces (99 grams)

. Store in a cool dry place


. Gluten free

. Vegan

. Chemical & Preservative free

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San Miguel - guacamole


Top your freshly made guacamole with San Miguel nut & spice blend just before serving for a beautiful presentation and a satisfying crunch.


Crunchy celery sticks filled with creamy peanut or almond butter are an all-time classic snack. Next time sprinkle yours with San Miguel or any of the Glory Kitchen blends for an added flavor pop and a crunchy eye-appealing  topping.


Add a generous sprinkle of San Miguel blend to a kale salad – or any type of salad or slaw.  This salad is made with kale, quinoa, pecans, fresh orange segments and corn.  San Miguel nut & spice mix is also a great flavor enhancer to your homemade salad dressings.


Macaroni & cheese is not just for kids. This topping makes an all-American favorite just a bit more sophisticated and flavorful.

multi grain toast w/ bananas, mayhaw jelly & sanmiguel


Whether you top your toast with jam, fruit, avocado or eggs, any of the Glory Kitchen nut & spice blends will add amazing flavor and beauty to an otherwise simple snack.


Finish your homemade, or store bought, salsa with a bit of crunchy pumpkin seeds, dried peppers & herbs.


San Miguel nut & spice blend works beautifully with avocado dishes of all types.  Here it tops a salad made of fresh orange slices, avocado slices, fresh lime juice and zest.  


Whether it is homemade or store bought, top your pimento cheese spread with a bit of crunch, zest and spice.  The added crunch and visual appeal is a nice addition to the creamy texture of cheese.

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