Chevre Cheese Log

Chevre is a french term for goat cheese which is typically considered to have origins in France.  Other types of french goat cheeses include Bucheron, Chabis and Bourdin.  Cheese made from goat’s milk is typically lower in fat and has a tangy, pungent flavor that is very unique.  To make this eye catching cheese roll, choose a soft goat cheese that will allow the Provence nuts & herbs to adhere as a crust on the exterior.

Chevre Cheese Log



  1. Allow Goat cheese roll to come to room temperature then unwrap and roll into Provence nut & spice mix. You may need to pat into areas of cheese to cover the entire roll.
  2. Garnish the top with fresh herbs and serve with crackers or french baguette slices. This cheese has a beautiful presentation and is a wonderful addition to wine and cheese tastings.


All of the Glory Kitchen nut & spice mixes are perfect as a coating for soft cheeses. They are eye catching, flavorful, crunchy and make a beautiful presentation.