Pickled Sugar Snap Peas

Preserve the bounty of the summer harvest by pickling all types of vegetables and even fruits. Historically, pickling was done to preserve the shelf life of food but now it is a trendy and popular method to transform delicious varieties of fruits & vegetables.  Jars of pickled foods make beautiful and heartfelt gifts, and what better way to give a food gift than to put on the finishing touch with a Glory Kitchen gift tag!

Pickling ideas include baby cucumbers, beets, okra, cauliflower, lemons, peppers, fennel, asparagus, radishes, red grapes, even cranberries.  If it fits in a jar – it would probably make a great pickle!  Here we’ve pickled sugar snap peas and added Mumbai nut & spice mix to the brine for a wonderful tangy and spicy flavor.  Any of the Glory Kitchen nut & spice mixes would be great flavor additions to a jar of pickles.

Pickled Sugar Snap Peas


  • Mumbai nut & spice mix
  • sugar snap peas, approx. 7 oz. or 1 small bag
  • ¾ cup white wine vinegar
  • ¾ cup water
  • 2 teaspoons sugar
  • 2 teaspoons kosher salt
  • canning or pickling jar 16 oz (2 cup) size


  1. Wash & dry the pickling jar and set aside.
  2. Bring to boil the wine vinegar, water, salt and sugar and stir until sugar & salt are completely dissolved. Remove from heat and cool completely.
  3. Add 1-2 teaspoons Mumbai nut & spice mix to jar. Carefully arrange the sugar snap peas in the jar so they are upright and side by side. I find it easier to hold the jar on its side as I stack the snap peas in the jar until filled. Fill until packed tightly.
  4. Pour the cooled vinegar mixture into the jar of sugar peas. Tighten the lid and turn upside down to distribute the Mumbai spice mix. Place in the refrigerator for a few days before unveiling the jar. These will keep refrigerated for about 1 month.
  5. Serve on salads, sandwiches or as a side to a luncheon dish.

Pickled Sugar Snap Peas
Pickled Sugar Snap Peas
Pickled Sugar Snap Peas